Nexboard Off-Road Art Edition




NexBoard Off-Road is exactly what it says. It’s an Off-Road NexBoard. NexOff-Road is designed for all types of terrain while keeping the same concept of smooth maneuverability and ultra comfortability just like its predecessors the NexClassix and NexGen. With its wide body aluminium alloy frame and 10 inch inflatable wheels it’s the perfect NexBoard to cruise through busy city streets or dirt country roads with style, grace, and convenience.

NexOff-Road is designed to be bigger and better for the ultimate smooth ride.

NexOff-Road is ideal for outdoor surfaces such as: gravel, dirt, small bumps, grass, and even light snow covered grounds
Max Speed

6 – 9mph(10 – 16 km/h)


9-10 Mile Range depending on weight, terrain, and temperature

Max Uphill Angle

15 Degrees

Max Load

290 lbs

Charging Time

45 – 120 Minutes for Full Charge

Li Ion Battery

36V, 4.4AH
Net Weight

33 LBS.


L 29.5” x W13” x H13”

Tire Size

10” in (inflatable tires)

* All Nexboards use the highest-quality batteries available. The intelligent battery management system independently controls the working status of every battery cell and ensures safe, stable and efficient performance.

All Nexboards are equipped with a three-axis gyro-sensors and accelerometers.

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30 Day Warranty – FREE, 2 Year Extended Warranty – $199


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